Business Negotiations in English - C2

Zeitraum: 18.04.2023 – 04.07.2023
Status: noch Plätze frei

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Kurszeit/Termine Dienstags, 19:30 – 21:00 Uhr
Dauer 10 Termine
Ort WBZ, 216 Seminar
Kosten 130,00 €*
Teilnehmer 5 – 8
Kursnummer 231V-22533
Dozent*in Michael Kramer


You want to improve your English skills as well as your negotiation skills? Are you responsible for preparing contracts and agreements? This course is designed to prepare you to negotiate in competitive business environments and to perform confidently in meetings and conferences. You'll learn relevant negotiation vocabulary, terms, and phrases, as well as how to prepare for, conduct, and conclude negotiations, applying the necessary skills and tactics. The main goal of the course is to significantly improve your English skills to be successful in business negotiations.
This course is designed for students who speak English as a second language in their daily work and for students who have already attended English B2 courses.


* Learning materials will be announced during the course.

* Dieser Kurs ist als Präsenzkurs geplant, er wird jedoch bei Notwendigkeit ganz oder teilweise online stattfinden.

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