Professional Business English - C2+

Zeitraum: 20.01.2023 – 31.03.2023
Status: noch Plätze frei

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Kurszeit/Termine Freitags, 17:45 – 19:15 Uhr
Dauer 10 Termine
Ort WBZ, 216 Seminar
Kosten 130,00 €*
Teilnehmer 5 – 8
Kursnummer 231V-22534
Dozent*in Michael Kramer


You already use English fluently and confidently at work and in everyday situations. After reaching level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, you would like to extent your range of vocabulary. In this course we will practice situations that occur in the business world, such as meetings, presentations, and negotiations to further develop your command of idioms. We will deal with business and economic topics and teach you specialized language that will further improve your comprehension and speaking skills. You will also learn to appear confident in face-to-face meetings, in the virtual space, on the phone and in writing. Traditional and digital media will be employed to enhance your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. At this level, participants should be able to use the English language fluently and participate actively in the sessions.


* Course materials will be provided in class.

* Dieser Kurs ist als Präsenzkurs geplant, er wird jedoch bei Notwendigkeit ganz oder teilweise online stattfinden.

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